Our Little Giggles room is the next step your children will take. This is where we offer an introduction to simple Montessori equipment. We help develop more complex hand eye coordination skills, messy play, singing, poetry, dancing, outdoor play and generally expressing their own characters and confidence.
These type of experiences serve to create and recreate the theories about the world they learn in.


Room Facilities

We feel that young children learn most effectively from play, exploration and talk, and develop their curiosity by creating, investigating and exploring. By offering a range of play opportunities we aim to foster each toddlers intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Little Giggles room activities

… might include learning colours and numbers or telling the group about their weekend. Daily routines include learning age appropriate tasks such as tooth brushing and always involve plenty of songs, nursery rhymes and stories.

Interaction and social inclusion…

Here at Willow House Childcare Woodbine we understand the importance of interaction, inclusion and friendships. This is why we always encourage interaction and play between the children.

We always ensure we have the children’s wellbeing in mind at all times.

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