“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own desire to learn”………Maria Montessori

In our Little Stars Rooms children are given the freedom to choose activities from a carefully prepared environment.
This prepared environment is key!!
Through careful observation of the child, teachers can provide the right lessons for the child’ s development. When a child chooses his or her own work it shows how they are genuinely interested in learning and develop a deep concentration and love for varied subjects.


Room Facilities

Little Stars room is peaceful, happy place designed to meet the developmental needs of each child in every stage of life.

Little Stars room contain many places for children to learn and play, in many different ways: by themselves, in pairs, in small groups, in large groups, inside, outside, at tables, on the floor. All items in the environment are scaled to the child’s size, including furniture, shelves, utensils, dishware, cleaning implements and the Montessori materials themselves.

Every day the children have the opportunity to express themselves and extend their vocabulary through conversations, songs, listening to stories and circle time. This is essential for the development of social skills and future academic work.

We provide activities for the children that enable them to develop skills which will be used in later life, namely social and communication skills.

The activities may include; small and large group circle times which require sharing and turn taking skills, card games or simple board games.

Interaction and social inclusion…

Here at Willow House Childcare Woodbine we understand the importance of interaction, inclusion and friendships. This is why we always encourage interaction and play between the children.

We always ensure we have the children’s wellbeing in mind at all times.

Early Days Foods

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